about me

I was born in Taranto, an industrial city on south east Italy, I graduated in archeology at Bari University in 2005.
Started to work as photographer in 2013, as paparazzo, the same year I started my collaboration with Fotolive ag. in Brescia and dedicating to photojournalism.

In 2014, I was in Moldova and I decided to follow the crisis on East Ukraine, I had to stay only two weeks, I have been there two months.
I come back to Ukraine other times, spending six months and documenting the life of internal refugees, orphans and the normal people on both sides of the fire lines.

I currently studying the Russian language, and I'm dedicating to a personal project in Italy.



• 2017/Aug-Sept «Violence in Ukraine» at Brescia Photo Festival collective «Give photography a chance», c/o Macof - Brescia

• 2012/Apr «C'è vita alla SLOI» Taranto

• 2009/Aug Collective «Un anno di set in Puglia», c/o Palazzo Ducale - Martano, Lecce.


Silver @ Prix de la Photographie Paris - «Gagjali, the hospital at the frontline»

Bronze @ Moscow Int. Photo Awards - «Gagjali, the hospital at the frontline»

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