The village of Gagjali (or Godjali) is a frontier village, awfully close to the front line of Mosul in Iraq.
Every day arriving there, by feet or by some fortune vehicles, many families fleeing war directed towards the nearby refugee camps, stopping for a short rest.
Jallah is a word that mean: "Go fast, move, don't waste your time" and it can hear every time the fugitives arrive.
In the village ther's a small hospital which run by American volunteers of the N.G.O. Academy of Emergency Medicines, these young people providing first aid services to those who have need.
Their work is terrible and grueling, the hospital is just few more than an abandoned house, often they must work with the lack of material and in particular with the lack of blood for transfusions, every time the injured begins to bleed is over.
Children are the hardest patients to treat because of their low threshold of pain that makes them move all the time and for their body frailty.
Once rescued, the most critical patient are transported by ambulance to the nearest and better equipped hospital.
The economic activities are almost extinct, just some shepherd and some kid who sells tea and snacks to foreign journalists.

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